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Melanoma skin cancer can kill us, no joke, it’s one of the biggest killers today.
We lose our skins elasticity, it ages us, we get sun spots, broken capillaries, YIKES, it basically destroys our entire bodies we are
covered in SKIN.
I recommend Neutrogena 100+ for the face and the back of your hands (they are always in the sun and age us quicker then our
faces do). Everyday I leave my house with a skin toned sunscreen on my face and Neutrogena’s 100+ on the back of my hands, they are on your steering wheel all day in the sun. When on vacation or at the beach/poolside, I use a sunscreen 80 the first day, move to a 60 day two and gradually adding on over the sunscreen I use an oil like bain de soleil orange gelee to keep my
skin moist, YOU will still get tan believe me. FOR FULL ARTICLE PLEASE CLICK HERE


Brenda featured in Florence's number 1 magazine.

Brenda featured in Florence’s number 1 magazine.

LA Centric Magazine 2012

L.A Centric November 2012

L.A Centric November 2012

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Brenda Featured in the Italian press – Right next to Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi no less =}

Brenda Italian Press

B.Swanson_Italian Press

Brenda Italian Press3

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